Winter Grooming Tips

Winter Grooming Tips

This year, as every year, we are having customers request that their dogs are left longer and/or times between grooms are extended, as owners think that their dogs will feel cold if they are trimmed as normal.


If a dogs coat is left longer, it’ll stay wet for longer when the dog comes home from their wet, muddy walk. It’s similar to us sitting soaking wet in a pair of jeans. Rather uncomfortable!


If there are knots in a dogs coat, when they get wet and owners do not comb them out straight away, as the coat dries, the knots become tighter and tighter each time.


Multiply this by 7 wet daily walks a week and it wouldn’t take long for your dog’s coat to become matted, ending up having to be clipped down short. Matts are painful for the dog, as the tighter they get, the tighter they pull at the skin.


So rather than go longer between grooms, and leaving the coat to get longer, the opposite is advised.


Groomers advise regular schedules for good reason; we understand coat growth and maintenance, and know what is required to keep you dog looking and feeling their best.


I hope this info is helpful. If you have any questions about maintaining your dog’s coat, for example, the best brush to use for the job, don’t hesitate to contact me. No question is a silly one!

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