The UK’s No1 Screen Printing Frame Manufacturer

We have manufactured precision screen printing frames since 1978 and continue to develop our products in order to meet the most demanding specifications. We offer a range of over 50 frame sections which we can guarantee will exceed the needs of all screen printers. All Angell Frames are made from special, high-tensile ali, being at least 40% stronger than standard aluminium.


Our products are supplied to customers who print using presses from all the major manufactures including: Atma, M&R, Sakurai, Sias, SPS, Svecia & Thieme. We also offer a range of handles, coating troughs and custom built stretching tables. We fit inserts, registration bars and custom fixings on demand. Orders to UK mainland are usually fulfilled within 24 hours direct from our manufacturing facility in Croydon, South London.


To us quality and consistency are paramount. Our highly-trained team of ‘coded’ welders have the expertise to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards, to deliver peak performance for many years of service. Whether your company is a PoP printer using large format frames, a textile printer, a CD manufacturer or an industrial printer using bespoke specials, we can enable you to achieve improved results in your production cycle.


Available off the shelf in a range of standard sizes or as a bespoke product to individual specification, Angell Frames produce the perfect print – time after time. Wa also manufacture stainless steel and aluminium coating throughs, squeegee handles. For more information on these items and for a guide on frame selection please contact us.


Download our PDF Brochure here.




Sharper radius to minimise ink seepage

Made for screen printers who need to maintain the highest tension screens whilst keeping the frame weight to a minimum. The frame sections are made from a special high-tensile aluminium. Max-Ten has one edge sharper radius, on the inner edge but all three other edges have radii for user comfort and ease of handling.



For improved cost performance

These standard frame sections offer improved cost performance for printers who don’t require the advantages of the Max-Ten product. The range is manufactured in a range of wall thickness from 1.6mm to 6.4mm. The standard sections are available from a range of over 50 sizes from 10mm x 10mm up to 150mm x 50mm.



Large inner slope for easier ink removal

Max-Ten Superslope is also made for screen printers who need to maintain the highest tension screens whilst keeping the frame weight to a minimum.



High volume with wide spec capability

The standard frame box section is made from a special high-tensile aluminium that is at least 40% stronger than standard aluminium. The wall thickness ensures that these light weight sections perform well.



Specialist product developed for printed circuit and other industrial applications

The High-Tech sections are made of high-tensile aluminium and are aimed principally for use in the industrial sector machines developed for printed circuit imaging.